Divorce ranks second among the most stressful events an adult faces during life. Ironically, only the death of a spouse ranks higher and divorced people can face a compromised quality of life and health problems if this transition is not handled carefully.


While the circumstances leading to divorce can cause bitterness between the parties, those circumstances don’t have to keep you from finding peace and a resolution. People who choose mediation over litigation in their divorce proceedings heal better emotionally and move on sooner. It does not cause the same amount of mental trauma as the adversarial process can in some matters.

The Law Office of Donald E. Anderson II, LLC is dedicated to helping you find the amicable solutions to the end of your marriage. Issues resolved in mediation can include:

  • Property distribution
  • Debt responsibility
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Support and maintenance issues
  • Retirement accounts
  • Tax liability

Mediation is often used in addition to litigation or as the sole means of coming to a post-divorce agreement. It is not always easy, but it is usually less stressful and more successful, and less costly than litigation. Most importantly, in the end, it can lead to better agreements that are more supportive of parties and their children.

Not all conflicts can be settled out-of-court. Mediation and arbitration proceedings can reduce stress and costs, but they might not always lead to a successful resolution. Sometimes, the emotional damage is too extensive or the relationship was abusive. In cases where mediation is not appropriate or effective, litigation becomes necessary to resolve family law issues.

Our attorneys are ready and willing to stand with you and fight for you interests in court. Contact our office today and let our experienced team help you choose the right path for you.