Child Custody and Support

There are few courtroom battles that can end in more tragic consequences than child custody disputes. Whether parents are ending a marriage or reviewing the results of a positive paternity test, the upcoming arguments can be intense due to the emotions involved. However, this winner-take-all attitude never benefits anyone, especially the children involved. Impacts from parental animosity can stick with children even as they enter adulthood.

Child Custody

Conflict may be inevitable, but it does not need to be overwhelming. The Law Office of Donald E. Anderson II, LLC has the education and experience necessary to offer alternatives to litigation in child custody matters. We are available to guide you through a collaborative process for discovering the best custody arrangement for your child or children.

Our approach to mediation is generally the same with each case. When you agree to mediation through our firm, the steps will include:

  • Initial consultation with the mediator
  • Identifying agreed and disputed issues
  • Discussions that focus on empathy, give-and-take, and the child’s best
  • Draft of the custody agreement

If you believe mediation is a good approach for you, gather your child’s records, including any report cards and therapy reports. Write down any proposed parenting time or custody schedules that include your work hours and any other information you want considered. Most of all keep an open mind and remember that this is about your child or children, not you.

The result can be a mutual agreement that benefits both parents and the children. You will feel better coming to your own solution to child custody issues rather than having a plan imposed on you by the court.

While mediation is often very successful in assisting parents in creating a solution that works for the special needs and circumstances of their families, it is not always possible to find a solution through mediation. In those occasions, our attorneys are ready to stand with you in court. We will put our experience expertise to work to fight for the best interests of your children and your family. Call our office today to make an appointment to speak to one of our dedicated attorneys.